We are off to California!

Garrett, Kirk, Gabby, and myself are spending our Spring Break in San Francisco!

Tomorrow morning at 6am, Gabby and I will be flying out of Hancock, landing in CA, bookin it to the hotel where we’ll most likely take a nap… and then we will be off to see the big city! Ya’ll are going to be jealous of the amazing amount of food we’re going to eat Winking smile
Garrett and Kirk will arrive later in the night, but starting Wednesday the troop will be attending the 2012 Game Development Conference! We plan on attending a whole slew of talks, such as “How everyone has Rhythm”, “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Take this Historical Study with You: In-game Objects in Japanese RPGs, 1988-2010”, and “Breaking into Game Development: Ask the Pros”.

The convention is going to be awesome, and we are hoping to learn a lot. We’re also hoping to come home with an armful of free swag Open-mouthed smile, but we also have something awesome of our own to show off… the newest Splat! video:

We still have a long way to go, but we’re proud to have come this far before the conference. We’re taking our time, getting it right, and making Splat! the awesome splatter-fest it should be. In the pipeline we have more monsters, more colors, and most importantly, MORE PAINT!
If you’d like to follow our trip to CA, check back often in the coming days for blog posts and pictures!