Splat! Open Beta

The time has arrived. Our developers are pushing aside the curtain to reveal the newest version of our current project. Join us in charging forward with the open beta of Splat!

It has been less than a year since the development of Splat! began. It started out as a small Ludum Dare challenge, and our company was no more than a horrific creature with three heads and no name. But Splat! has grown just as OPifex has. We’re proud to, at last, be taking the final steps in our first adventure in game development.

So dive into the world of Splat! over at opifexentertainment.com and get yourself hooked up with an OPifex account. No worries, the Splat! beta is open and completely free. Play it, test it, and let us know what you think. Help us grow a community focused on creating and sharing those unique experiences that we know make gaming truly enjoyable.