Splat! Alpha Testing Officially Launched

Be one of the first to jump onboard with OPifex Entertainment as we release our first official Alpha test to the public! Splat!is an action oriented color mixing game where you get to run, jump, slide, and splat your way across a spherical canvas. When’s the last time you got to play with this much paint?

Splat! Alpha Test

If you are interested in participating in the Alpha Test, please join us at OPifexEntertainment.com

For participating in the Alpha, you get automatic automatic access to the Beta, as well as a FREE COPY of Splat! when it is first released. All it takes is a little bit of download, a little bit of gameplay, and a little bit of telling us what you think. We appreciate it!
It’s been a long, uphill battle with work, school, and life in general, but we’ve accomplished what we set out to do. Both of our lead programmers have worked double time for many months now to get this done around their already busy schedules. While Splat! is no where close to being complete, we are proud to have come this far, and will continue to work towards the first official release of Splat!, so keep watch, and be prepared!