It's been quite a few months since our last blog post... and we apologize! Hopefully you've been following us on Facebook and Twitter - and if so then you know that we've been extremely busy ;)

Ever since we decided to develop for the Ouya, we've been hard at work, building our new OP engine layer by layer. The good news is that our hard work has paid off in more ways than one! Just as we're finishing up the engine, the Ouya CREATE competition was announced. A perfect opportunity to put the OP engine to the test.

There's only a week left before the competition ends, and we're just now starting to actually piece our game together... but we're right on track with asset creation and game design. All that's left is to code it up!

This new game will feature amazing music by our new sound guys Matt and Rich, our friends from across the sea in the UK. While this may only be a game jam game... expect to receive a special treat in the audio department!

Really, this to be an update to say that we're still here, and we're swinging. We're going to knock this competition out of the park!