GDC Day 2

GDC day two was a day to take it all in and process all the information we’ve gathered. We attended a couple sessions, such as the Japanese RPG item talk, as well as “Game Optimization through Data Mining”… but we mostly took the day to stroll around town, explore the career pavilion, and check out the awesome games at GDC Play. Personally I really enjoyed a dungeon-runner game (whose name escapes me at the moment), where you play as a tough stone monster who busts through rocks and takes ridiculous jumps across danger. I also laughed at some of the technical failures, such as an other-wise sweet WWI plane shooter that used head-tracking in an awkward and unintuitive manner.

But long story short, sorry for the delayed post. We had such a good time that we spent all night talking about Splat! and what we were going to do to it. The problem is, we have so many ideas that there’s just not enough time! This made us decide to really concentrate on polishing what we have and release an Alpha version of Splat!.

This alpha version will be released within the next two weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! If you would like to get a jump on an alpha release, please contact me at [email protected]