Design Plan for Oscar Papa

First and foremost, Oscar Papa isn’t just a 2d shooter. Sure, versus is going to be the intense, bullet-by-bullet dogfight that you can see in our initial video. But we’re going to take those carefully tuned flying mechanics and allow the players to work together in a co-op mode. This mode will have the players flying a series of missions in a war. Each mission will be a “protect your base” type of mission, except the base is a big fat bomber plane! As the fighter squad assigned to the bomber, you must protect it as swarms of enemies try to take it down.

The war that’s going on will be visible to the player through a world map type of view. Before each mission, the player must plan a bombing run on this map by selecting first a target to bomb, and then the path the bomber will take to reach its target. Bombing targets are things like factories, airbases, bridges, or tank squads. When you successfully complete a bombing mission, that unit or structure will be destroyed on the world map. After each mission, ally units and enemy units move on the map, fighting each other and taking over bases. Factories produce tanks, and airbases give the players new options for bombing runs!

But what makes the missions truly awesome is how they are randomly generated. Based on the route chosen during the bombing run planning portion of the game, different enemies and challenges will be introduced at different times. If you fly near an enemy airbase, enemy fighters will scramble to stop you. If you fly near an AA gun placement, the skies will be filled with flak! The enemy is, of course, researching all sorts of weird steampunk war technology… so who knows what you’ll encounter on each mission!

Through careful planning and skillful flying, the players will be able to lead their troops forward on the map, capturing territory and winning the war! Missions can be played with 1-4 players, so don’t think you and your friends are limited to just versus! Of course, the only way to prove yourself as the Ace pilot is to take them on head-to-head, and believe me, things will get ‘heated’ Hot smile

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