Cannons & Cutthroats

Play as a pirate, Captain of your own ship! Your goal is to score more booty than your friends, and along the way you will

  • obtain precious treasures
  • hold prisoners captive
  • blast your opponents with cannons
  • and board enemy ships to steal their loot!

You will be surprised at how Cannons & Cutthroats brings out the true spirit of piracy. You'll soon be sailing the high seas in search of boundless treasure and thrilling adventure!

Every card must be used to your advantage in order to come out on top. Fight, scheme, and pillage your way to victory with multiple types of cannon ammunition, dangerous swords and firearms, and most importantly, RUM!

Cannons & Cutthroats is a 2-5 player card game for casual gamers looking for a light-hearted pirating adventure.


Currently on sale for $24.99 through The Game Crafter: