The Week of Awesome - Day 7

The final result Download Windows v1.1 Help us out! If you find any bugs, please let us know. [email protected] »

The Week of Awesome - Day 6 Part 2

Current State Progress code! code! code! »

The Week of Awesome - Day 6 Part 1

Mid Day Point Today is our 3rd day in a row at Rowsters coffee shop. It's been our most productive location. Current State Completed Win & Lose Conditions Improved...everything »

The Week of Awesome - Day 5

Current Status Completed AI Started Toys are blown apart Capture the flag gameplay integrated Toy spawn positions added Tomorrow Sound effects & music GUI More AI Bug fixing / improvements all »

The Week of Awesome - Day 4

Current State Completed Level Loaded Better Voxel Collision All sprite animations are being used Characters being loaded from file (all stats and sprites) Toy death and spawning Textured Level and »

The Week of Awesome - Day 3

Current State Completed More artwork Voxel Collisions Improved collision with the sprites Improved fake shadows Continued to clean up the code Tomorrow Implement the created level Add more toys Sprite »